Josep Vila Capdevila, this is my name, I was born in Terrassa in 1976, I did nothing interesting in my childhood, maybe the most remarkable were building a phantom in mud, creating a circuit in the sand for marble balls or shitting my pants going to a pre-school show dressed as a sheep in a really small car with all my family.

My first approach to photography was in Epcot center (Florida, USA) in 1984, I spent all my pictures in an attraction about the future of alimentation, after that my parents decided to forbid me to take more pictures.

A few years later, because of my passion for weapons, I started to make some models, first about World War II, Vietnam and finally about Warhammer 40.000 (which I’d never played), it is here where I developed my love for product design.

Apart from the war films, my other passion was science fiction comic books like Akira, Flash Gordon, Judge Dread and so many others, maybe too adult for my age at that time… Thanks to them I developed my interest for nightlife, drugs, music, future, and women. This self-education was absolutely opposed to the one I was receiving in an opus dei school (my parents were not that religious but before this catholic school I was in a laic school that was forced to close because of mistreatment against the children). There I developed my opinion about religion, rules, social class, and respect for authority.

Coming from a school where I had experimented some kind of bullying, I started my undergraduate studies in a design school where, during the first weeks, I was shocked about the level of liberty and women! (opus dei schools are just for boys). And blah, blah, blah…

After graduating I started to work for a product design company thereafter presenting an idea for stool, the boss of the company told me: “I really like it! Maybe you will do it when you are older!” in that moment I decided to leave that company and also industrial design in general… until I became older! Then I started to accept works of graphic design… I started collaborating with a nightlife magazine, combining it with teaching industrial design and taking some live music pictures for a music magazine, then some work for cosmetics ( a lot!!!), for the administration… until I got bored of just doing contract work and I decided to start working on my own shit ( I was old enough for my stool).

After that… some events, some publications, some awards, some frustrations, some love… some thousands of fucking e-mails, some calls, some teaching, some pictures, some freedom, too many papers…

Oh! And I love plants!
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